Get your business off to a great start for 2019. Invest in Fulton County.

Did you make a resolution to start your business this year? Have you stuck to it? It’s never too late to get started.

The county offers a lot of potential for your next big move. Space is available in architecturally beautiful buildings in downtown areas; in buildings that feature floor-to-ceiling windows, turn of the century millwork, 100-year old brick, and plank flooring. However, the most attractive thing about available space in Fulton County: the price tag. The cost per square foot is half (and even sometimes a third) of comparable space in other areas of the Capital Region. That’s something worth serious consideration, especially if you’re in start-up mode.

“The reality is, Fulton County is close to everything and commute time is similar to other commute times around the Capital Region,” said Scott Henze, Planning Director at Fulton County Planning Department. “We shouldn’t be taken out of the picture when a business is seriously considering buying or leasing affordable commercial, industrial, or warehouse space.”

Also worthy of consideration: how much cooperation businesses get with permits, licenses, and zoning, and what kind of start-up support is provided.

We’re committed to encouraging new businesses to come and invest in this county.

“Fulton County really prides itself on providing a pro-development business environment with expedited review and approval processes. We’re committed to encouraging new businesses to come and invest in this county. We also partner with several local organizations that offer businesses the tools they need to succeed. We’re here to help the next generation of entrepreneurs and small businesses not only get their business up and running in Fulton County, but to prosper and thrive,” said Henze. A few of these groups include: Fulton County Center for Regional Growth, Fulton County Industrial Development Agency, and the Fulton Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, all offering both financial and support assistance.

“We’re really excited for 2019 and all of the opportunities on the horizon for the county and our community. Shortly after the New Year started, we got calls from qualified businesses ready to take the next step and look at the available properties for sale in Gloversville and Johnstown. We have an open mind about any and all ideas and will work to find the right match for a business,” said Henze. “We’re definitely gaining a lot of momentum right now. Our downtowns all have strategic plans for the future and our community is happy to support new businesses,” said Henze.

Make this year “the year” for starting your business. There’s never been a better time to start something new for 2019! “If a business is interested in taking the next step, all they need to do is give me a call at 518-313-5128 or email me,” said Henze. “I’m here to help.”

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